CAS Aero Solutions is a top-level provider of third-party line maintenance services. Servicing 16 locations across the US, CAS provides 65 airlines a wide range of services nationwide. 

Our diverse, highly skilled team of A&P Technicians perform to the absolute highest standards in the industry, while adhering to manufacturer specifications and strict safety standards. CAS is a top-notch service provider that our customers can rely on. 



Capabilities include in-house inspections, annuals, 50 hour, 100 hour, progressive continuous and pre-purchase. Repair work and modifications available across a wide-range of aircraft!

• Delay prevention services 

Dedicated service teams 

Routine inspections (A, B, ETOPS) 

Overnight checks 

RON Maintenance 

Inventory management 

Daily Checks 

IFE maintenance/digital distribution

Seasonal maintenance

Cyclean© Engine Washes


MEL Clearing

Discrepancy Rectification

Crew Transportation