CAS AeroSolutions LLC is an Aerospace & Defense (A&D) Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) services company providing support for commercial operators at two fixed Repair Station locations and select government/defense programs at other operating locations as needed or specified by its customers.  These support services include aircraft line maintenance, modification/repair, and flight test/operations support.  It also seeks targeted opportunities to partner with other commercial companies providing innovative, breakthrough aerospace capabilities and technologies by providing expertise and existing MRO infrastructure for the transition of these capabilities and technologies to commercial and/or government use.  The company is expanding into aircraft flight operations and aircraft leasing to support its commercial and government/defense programs.


Palm Springs
Part 145 Repair Station


Government & Defense Programs


Aviation Research System Part 145 Repair Station

Aero-mark has over 40 years’ experience in the acquisition, development and management of companies. For the past 25 years it has specialized in the aerospace industry through investments in manufacturing, design, maintenance, repair and overhaul. Aero-mark brings resources in capital, management, contacts and strategic direction to the companies that it acquires.